Avoiding Bond Deductions

Avoiding Bond Deductions

June, 2018

When your keys have been returned to our office we will carry out the closing inventory. The points below are the most common causes of bond deductions:

• Cleaning – please ensure that the property is cleaned thoroughly throughout including removing all cobwebs from ceilings, cleaning all skirting boards, cleaning windows and especially the cooker and fridge. You should allow a day for this after moving.

• Grass and weeding - please ensure that all grass is cut and cuttings removed.

• Rubbish – there should be no blue or black bin bags left behind, all rubbish needs to be removed from the property. As a tenant it is free for you to take your rubbish to the local refuse centre. If you have bins allocated to your property then please ensure that these are emptied. If we arrange to move any bin bags after your tenancy then you will be charged for labour and there is a charge for the refuse centre if professionally removed.

• Lights – please ensure that all light bulbs left are working.

• Decorating – please ensure that all walls are returned to their original colour unless previously agreed in writing

• Furniture – please ensure that all furniture/other items are left in the place that they were as per Inventory when you moved in. You will be charged for the removal of any furniture items not on the inventory.

• Pets – if you have had any dogs/cats at the property then please ensure that the carpets have all been professionally cleaned. Fleas may not show until 2 weeks after you have moved out so you may still be charged if the house is infested.

• WATER – Please ensure that the water is turned off at the property.

• METRES - We advise that you read all the metres the day you move out and inform the relevant services and also supply them with your forwarding address. If you have a pre pay meter, you must leave the card/key at the property or return to the office with your keys. Please can you advise us who supplies your gas (if applicable) and electricity.

Our aim is to return your bond in full so please ensure that you leave your property clean and all rubbish removed, we can then speedily arrange for your bond to be paid. Can you also provide us with your forwarding address, your deposit cannot be returned without it.

We will transfer your deposit into the bank with the account details provided to us at the start of your occupation contract on your contract holder information form. If these details are now incorrect then it is your responsibility to let us know. If no details were provided then we will issue you with a cheque.

***Please ensure that you contact Royal Mail to have your mail re-directed as any mail delivered to the property after you have vacated will be returned to sender.***

Please note Rent is charged until the keys are returned.

You were given an inventory at the start of your occupation contract, please refer back to this to know how the property was when you moved in, if you do not have a copy then please contact the office and we will send you a copy.