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Applying for rental accommodation during Covid-19 lockdown Wales

Household Member One

Household Member Two

Household Member Three

Household Member Four

Household Member Five

Household Member Six

You can check the housing benefit rate for each area by checking or telephoning the local County Council please note it varies between counties what you are currently receiving will not apply to a property in another area.

If you are claiming Housing Allowance or Universal Credit in most cases the housing element is below the income requirement to pass referencing so we would require under most circumstances that you provide a guarantor who is a UK home owner and has an annual salary of three times the annual rent amount or a non-home owner but has an annual salary of 3.5 times the annual rent for the property. You will also need a guarantor if you have a bad credit history such as a County Court Judgement or bankruptcy.

If you salary or earnings are not enough for a property you also could think of providing a guarantor.


If applicable to speed up your application please provide the name and address of a guarantor please make sure that you get their agreement to be a guarantor and to let us have their details.

Reason for moving and the potential start date of a new tenancy e.g. do you need to urgently move or do you need to give notice. State if you are an owner occupier or currently renting. If you have sold your property please give an indication of your completion date.

Viewing Properties Safely: Covid-19

  • Please ensure that you keep the required distance from the person who is allowing you access to the property.
  • You must wear a mask and would advise that you to use your own hand sanitiser before entering and exiting the property.
  • Take care not to touch surfaces and for this reason we ask that children do not enter the property.
  • Viewing times will be strictly adhered to, please be on time.
  • If you decide to go ahead with a tenancy after viewing please email or telephone the office in the first instance, this will enable us to progress your tenancy as quickly as possible. Email Please note our office is closed to the general public, access is only permitted by appointment only.

Useful Information

Before requesting a viewing and to help you decide if you can afford the monthly rental payments on a particular property please read the following chart. Please note that it is based on gross income therefore before tax and deductions. This is the information used by our referencing company Vouch to assess if you can afford the rent as part of the referencing process. The income of all adults over 18 will be added together.

We also advise that you check on the internet the approximate cost of heating, electricity and council tax for each property. Do not forget to calculate fuel and transport costs if you are looking to live in a very rural area with lack of public transport.

Vouch will multiply the yearly rent by 2.5 to work out what your minimum income/joint income (before tax and National Insurance deductions) should be. For example:

Rent £300 per month you will need income/joint income of £9,000 per year
Rent £400 per month you will need income/joint income of £12,000 per year
Rent £500 per month you will need income/joint income of £15,000 per year
Rent £600 per month you will need income/joint income of £18,000 per year
Rent £700 per month you will need income/joint income of £21,000 per year

If you need any further help and advice regarding the information above please email the office in the first instance to

Thank you for your patience and understanding though this difficult time.

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